Decoration Tips - Almond Short - Natural

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These are the perfect decoration tips to help you show off your amazing nail art to customers and friends! You can also decorate them and glue them to the natural nail on special occasions.

These tips can be used on the Red Iguana hands and fingers.

The bag includes approx. 600 tips in the sizes 0-9.

How to use + important information

Here’s a great variety of sizes to show off your nailart in the best way possible, to help you creating an interest with your customers for nailart. In many cases, the customer wants to be able to see and touch the nailart before committing and taking that first step. You also use the tips yourself! Use a soft buffer and gently remove the shine if the nail, then wipe the nail with a little bit of acteon or alcohol, place a small amount of nail glue over the entire nail and then place the tip on the edge of your natural nail and gently press it down towards the cuticle area. This way you’ll avoid air bubbles. Press it down for about 20 seconds. You can easily remove the nails by soaking a cotton ball in acetone that you place on the nail, then wrap the nail and cotton ball with some foil and let it sit for about 10 minutes. We recommend not to apply these tips too often as over use of the nail glue can cause damage to the natural nail, plus that the acetone is very dehydrating for both skin and nails. In the bag are sizes 0-9, so you get about 600 tips in total! NOTE, exact number may vary slightly from bag to bag.


We have brought in natural and clear as you need different colors for different occasions. Obviously, the natural tips work best when you want to recreate the effect of a natural nail. The clear are perfect to create the “glass effect” with.

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