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One of the most unique pieces of the ErAcryl range is the ErAcryl Brush Re-Forming Cream, a brush regenerating and reshaping cream, which is essential, to preserve the texture of brushes with natural hair from the damage caused by intensive use. It regenerates the bristles, restore softness and natural shape of the brush hairs.

Erika says: "This cream is the savior of natural hair brushes!

You've probably noticed that different liquids tend to dry out the brush hairs, and during intensive use the hairs will dry out. This makes the brush unusable in a short time, which is a very painful fact considering that the price of a quality brush with truly 100% natural hairs is quite high.

This problem is finally solved with this special product, Brush Re-Forming Cream! No more ingrown brush hairs, no more residue, no more tangles, no more hardened brush head that makes it impossible to restore the brush to its original shape. The solution is finally here!

This cream is to natural hair brushes as balm is to human. The cream literally saves the brush from breakage, and its user from a lot of annoyance, so your favorite brush can remain your faithful companion for many years to come.

The ErAcryl product collection is made and develeoped by Erika Bakos (aka Era), world champion and multiple Hungarian champion nail technician within the Mystic Nails product range.


For best results:

1) Massage a pea-sized amount of cream into the brush with your fingers

Use your fingertips to brush the cream into the hairs of your brush, making sure to get some of the cream on each strand.

2) Next, gather the hair into a tip and wrap it with a tiny piece of tinfoil, then leave the brush hairs to rest in this position for 24 hours.

3) Remove the foil and wash the brush hair thoroughly (completely!) with liquid, acrylic liquid or cleanser, depending on the material the next time you use the brush.

4) The brush hair is now soft, flexible just like a new brush.

5) For the best and longest lasting results, do this at least once a month, but two to three times is recommended.

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