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Please note that the Primer may become solid in winter times due to cold weather circumstances during the delivery to your home. This may damage the brush while opening. Therefore the liquidity of the Primer should be checked right after reciving the order by shaking the bottle. If you notice the Primer not being fluid but solid, the Primer should be stored for at least 48 hours in room temperature BEFORE opening it to become liquid again. 


  • 3 in 1 pH balance agent
  • Chemically prepares the nails for Acylics and UV gels
  • For best possible adhesion use Nail Prep before Primer. Guaranteed durability and strength!
(6) (1 anmeldelse)

Therese Johansen Karlsson

Lifting No more!

Sliter du med løft så er denne himmelsk i kombinasjon med prep!

(6) (1 anmeldelse)
, 07.03.2022

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