Moi Lolita Olive 30ml - Makear

An olive that will give you more than others!

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An oil that will envelop your nails and cuticles with precious oils. We focused on multidirectional action thanks to a unique blend of oils, thanks to which the MAKEAR olive prevents breakage, eliminates brittleness, stimulates growth, lightens discoloration, has antibacterial and disinfectant properties, makes it elastic, protects against damage.
Exclusive olive fragrances inspired by branded perfumes, combine care with an aromatherapeutic ritual providing the senses with long-lasting, exciting experiences
Thanks to the cooperation with specialists, we have obtained the most natural composition devoid of harmful ingredients.
Be aware of what you are choosing!
Our olive is devoid of substances often found in this type of products, such as:
BHA- Butylated hydroxyanisole- a synthetic antioxidant and preservative with an allergenic effect, dangerous for pregnant women, and PHENOXYETHANOL, ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN- strong, synthetic preservatives that are not used in products with a high degree of naturalness.
Butyl Acetate-solvent, component of nail polish removers, strong allergenic effect, dangerous for pregnant women
CI 47000- synthetic dye quinoline yellow. These 2 ingredients, especially Butyl Acetate, discriminate against the naturalness and beneficial effects of the product.
ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN - strong, synthetic preservatives that are not used in products with a high degree of naturalness.
MAKEAR olive consists of 6 oils: sweet almond, rice bran, wheat germ, corn, musk rose seeds, sunflower seeds and: a stable form of vitamin C, vitamin E and rosemary extract, thanks to which, apart from the action resulting from the oils additionally brightens discoloration on the nails and unifies their colour, and has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties
Take care not only of the fragrance, take care of the skin that stays with you for many years.

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