Top Milky 8ml (no wipe) - Makear

TOP will also work well for ombre decorations.

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Each styling requires top finishing, but if you want a WOW effect, choose Top with an effect! If you dream of a milky hybrid varnish, you don´t have to look for it anymore! You just need a regular hybrid nail polish and our Top Milky Makear! It is a top with a semi-transparent finish, thanks to which your stylization will take on an unusual color and lightness.

Ease of execution, perfect durability. What more could you want!

    Characteristics :


  • Color: Milky
  • Self-leveling,
  • Difficult,
  • Properties: topcoat in hybrid color or gel / acrylic,
  • Opacity: Milky
  • Curing time UV / Dual-led 30 sec,
  • Consistency: medium-thick / self-leveling,
  • Perfect for thin frame forming and extensions
  • Durable and damage resistant
  • Capacity: 8ml,
  • Branding: MT


    How to use: Apply the medium layer with gentle movements, cure at least 60 seconds in a led / dualled lamp. We do not touch the nail right after it is taken out of the lamp. We recommend waiting about 15-20 seconds for the top to cool down to avoid tarnishing,


  • Thanks to medium-thick / self-leveling consistency, it perfectly smoothes uneven or damaged nail plate.
  • Strengthening natural nails


  • The product is compatible with all manicure products. LED lamps min. 48W - 1min. 36W UV lamp - 2min.

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